June 14, 2013

New Work—Mark Cappellino

We recently teamed up with leadership consultant Mark Cappellino to redesign his brand identity. We created his identity based one of the behavioral beliefs that shape his practice—identifying and changing patterns in behavior. For Mark’s logo we utilized a typographic device called the em dash, meaning an interruption of thought. The em dash comes to life throughout the identity as the red thread. The story of the red thread says that each of us in life that are destined to help each other in life are bound by the red thread. Much like our office or personal relationships, that invisible thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.

We worked with the good folks at Rohner Press to produce that arresting double hit of red that crosses each piece of stationery. Thanks to Robby Klein who came on board to photograph Mark for the site.

We’re excited to see this project live. View the full identity and web design here.